Expats and globetrotters may face a challenge to watch their favourite programmes from home, while accessing the Internet from abroad. You will need a stable and high speed local Internet connection to make the VPN work. If you have a router with DD-WRT firmware, read my post for VPN Clients use on the router. If you are using a Windows, iOS, MacOS or Android TV device, you may try NordVPN for a VPN solution.

To trouble shoot the connection, you may perform the DNS leak test.

check here your public IP Address and many more info about your internet connection

Movistar+ outside Spain in Europe (except UK) works w/o VPN

rtve outside Spain try NordVPN

France TV outside France try NordVPN


BBC iPlayer outside the UK on iPad or MacBook try NordVPN

vrt max outside Belgium in Europe (except UK) works w/o VPN

filmon tv watch on iPad or MacBook w/o VPN

Internet streaming outside country of origin
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