Expats and globetrotters may share the challenge to watch their favourite programmes from home, while accessing the Internet from abroad. You will need a stable and high speed on the local Internet connection to make the VPN work. If you have a router with DD-WRT firmware, read my post for VPN Clients use on the router. If you are using a Windows, iOS or MacOS device, you may try NordVPN for a VPN solution.

To trouble shoot the connection, you may perform the DNS leak test.

check here your public IP Address and many more info about your internet connection

Movistar+ outside Spain in Europe (except UK) works w/o VPN

vrt.nu outside Belgium in Europe (except UK) works w/o VPN

outside Spain on iPad and iPhone try  NordVPN.
outside the UK on iPad or MacBook try NordVPN.
outside Belgium in Europe (except UK) works w/o VPN

Internet streaming outside country of origin
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