Recommended Wine ‘n Dine from around the world.

Traveling around the world and living in different places on the globe, we kept track of a few restaurants and food places that are for us worth considering. “Des goûts et des couleurs, on ne discute pas”, don’t be disappointed if you don’t like it. Some of these places we have not visited for years, so our information may be somewhat outdated. You will find places in Belgium: Antwerp, Mechelen, Brussels, France: Paris, Strasbourg, Illkirch, Spain: Tenerife, Bilbao, Cadiz, Madrid Estonia: Tallinn, Czech Republic: Prague, Greece: Santorini, UK: London, USA: Dallas, San Fransisco, Canada: Montreal, Ottawa and New Zealand: Auckland, Hamilton and the rest of the world.

The restaurants are grouped under ‘resto’ by town.


Wine ‘n Dine