Getting organized with iTunes for the iPod


The way to organize your files depends on the details you want to keep about the song. iTunes parses the MP3-tags information: Artist, Title, Genre, etc. Good housekeeping rules are essential to keep your playlists tidy. Select the ‘Info tonen’ (Show Info) option from the ‘File’ menu (Ctrl-I) to alter all the information.

Here are my housekeeping rules:

1) check for typo’s in the Artist name and Title information

note: selecting multiple tracks to rename will open an empty info panel (you may proceed, this is OK), only the fields you complete will overwrite

2) assign the ‘Genre’ to the song that you have defined

3) review the ‘Album’ title;

note: if it is not part of a full album, you may want to remove the album title to simplify the Album list on your iPod

4) keep singles of the same artist in a common folder

note: you can do so by choosing the same ‘Album’ name and tagging the ‘Deel van verzameling‘ (Part of compilation).

5) make regular backups of your playlists: use the ‘export’ function under the ‘file’ menu to export to both xml and txt format


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Getting organized with iTunes for the iPod
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