Radio streaming URLs are used by audio streamers and may change over time.

Logitech’s Squeezebox and SONOS support the TuneIn app which offers a wide choice of radio stations. MP3 is the most common and most compatible audio format but also AAC, a hi quality format, is used. You can browse for a radio station and save the URL in your streamer’s favourites. However, after a while the station may no longer work for various reasons:

  • the station is no longer available in a compatible stream for your device,
  • it has become inactive or
  • it may become unavailable at the broadcaster’s request, due to geographical restrictions, or commercial reasons.

In case of doubt, go to the TuneIn’s web site and search for the radio station to check if it is still supported by a TuneIn URL or it has been discontinued.

If the radio station has been discontinued by TuneIn, you will need to add the URL manually to your audio streamer.

Beware of the accepted audio formats (mp3, wma, and AAC) and the playlist file extensions (m3u and pls). Sonos devices play streams in mp3, wma, and AAC formats. Pls file extensions work on Squeezebox devices.

Check out the radio station’s website for the most up to date URLs. If the URL is not published, you may find it on European Radio Map (click on the “Listen with your player” to download the link). Belgian stations you may find on Radiostreams or look at my short list of favourite stations and URLs that work well on my devices:

VRT-radio is  again available on TuneIn (October 2020) for RTBF you may use Radioplayer (
read here the VRT announcement in Dutch

read here the RTBF announcement in French

VRT-radiostreamingslinks since April 2020

RTBF-radio streamingslinks

  • for SONOS use

FIP radio (France)


check also My Favourite Radio Stations

Radio streaming URLs
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