The US Robotics 8000-3 Broadband router is good value for money and works fine with PC and MAC. The print server is only supported for Windows PCs over the TCP/IP protocol (no Netbios nor IPX/SPX support).

The USR 8000-3 Internet Sharing device offers:

  • an Internet sharing of DSL connections (cable or ADSL) through Network Address Translation (NAT) with a dial-up backup,
  • a Firewall, with optional DMZ,
  • a DHCP Server for automatic IP Address alocation,
  • a Print Server over IP for a parallel attached printer,
  • a 10/100 Base-T switch for up to four LAN connections.
  • Configuration management through a web interface. The default address of the USR 8000 Router is (factory setting)

Important note: Windows users need to install the proprietary USR print driver.

US Robotics 8000-3 Broadband router