Windows File and Print Services

File and Print services over TCP/IP have been disabled on all my PC’s for security reasons. All PC’s communicate over IPX/SPX for File and Print sharing. To share file & print services, only bind the IPX protocol to the card with LAN users. Enable Netbios over IPX/SPX – if not, your shared resources will not show in the network browser network domain (read more about NetBIOS security).

No NT-domain is used. To avoid conflicts with laptops configured for office use (and a company’s NT Domain), do not configure an NT domain on the File and Print server. Only define the Workgroup name. This setting can be found in the control panel in ‘System’, ‘Network Identification’ settings. Use the same workgroup name on all networked pc’s, this will speed up the network lookup of PC’s.

Windows Vista and XP Network Sharing

Microsoft has removed IPX/SPX support from Windows Vista. You will need to add these protocols manually (IPX/SPX Protocol in Vista (32bit)).

You will also need to download and install the LLTD Responder (Link-Layer Topology Discovery Responder) component on computers running Windows XP to appear on the Network Map diagram on Windows Vista computers.

Tuning the Windows environment – File and Print Services
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