WinAMD Desktop

This is a custom built system. While all components are quite old, the system still does a good job.

ATX Mainboard – Socket 462 – Socket A
Supports Athlon XP, Duron and Sempron
NVIDIA® nForce2 IGP Chipset
AMD Sempron 2600+
S462 (Socket A) Boxed
SN E106332C51538
1.833 Ghz – 256KB L2 Cache 266FSB – Boxed with cooler
OCZ Memory
OCZ4001024V3 1024MB 400MHZ DDR
2 x OCZ4001024V3 – 1024MB 400MHZ DDR PC-3200

AOPEN QF50A (Black)
300W Case
AOpen QF50A Black
Benq T720
Benq T720
Amarina KBS8700
QuickCam Messenger
WinTV-PVR-150  Model 01046

Desktop storage description

The Desktop PC’s Hard Disk is configured with three partitions:
(C:) System    one 20 Gb partition for the Operating System (Windows XP Pro) and the Programme Files,
(D:) Data        one 55 Gb partition for the Data Storage.
(M:) Media    one 150 Gb partition for the Multimedia Data Storage (music and video).

Western Digital 80Gb
SN WCAM94847819
EIDE 8Mb ATA100 7200RPM

Western Digital 160GbWD1600JB
WD 160 GB, 7200 RPM, 8 MB Cache
Firmware Rev. 1-01
NEC 4571
Bose MediaMate®
Bose Mediamate Speakers
TrackMan Marble+
Logitech Trackman Marble Plus

Installed Operating System:

Windows XP
Professional Edition
Service  Pack 3
Additionally, changes have been made for security and to optimize the disk space use:
– ‘My Documents’ has been moved to the D: drive
to make this change, right click on the folder, select properties
in the Target tab, select Move
– ‘Temporary Internet Files’ folder has been moved to the D: drive
to make this change, go to the control panel and open Internet Options
in the General tab, select Temporary Internet files Settings
– ‘Temp’ folders have been moved to the D: drive
to make use of these folders, you must change the Environment Variables of the System Properties
create the directories first, then go to the control panel and open System
select Advanced of the System Properties and edit the environment variables:
in User variables:
Temp  -> replace %USERPROFILE% by D:
TMP    -> replace %USERPROFILE% by D:
in System variables:
Temp  -> replace %SystemRoot% by D:
TMP    -> replace %SystemRoot% by D:

Microsoft File and Print Sharing has been disabled. File are shared through ftp with the FileZilla Server.
This allows any system (including Linux and Vista) to access files on my shared folders.

Services optimization has been done based on the list provided by TweakHound’s super tweaks.
Display settings have been set for optimal performance.

To keep the system running smoothly, you can refer to the Complete PC Preventive Maintenance Guide (PC World)

WinAMD Desktop
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