Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA and/or OGA notification)

Even though you may have a legitimate copy of Windows installed or you did buy a license, it could occur that the Automatic Windows Update installs the WGA notification tool.

To remove this tool, check the following pages:

To remove Office Genuine Advantage notifications in XP and Vista, you may proceed as follows:

1) open the System32 directory of your %SystemRoot% folder

2) make system and hiden files visible in the folder options

2) locate all files that start with OGA (find files with the extension. Dll and. Exe) and rename the files (e.g. with extension .old)

3) locate the files ‘WgaTray.exe’ and ‘OGAAddin.dll’ and rename them (e.g. with extension .old)

4) reboot your PC

Tuning the Windows environment – Windows Genuine Advantage
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