Dedicated drive partition for your data

In general, I create a drive partition to hold all system files (e.g. the C: drive) and a dedicated partition to hold all data files (e.g. the D: drive).

This allows an easier housekeeping of your data and reduces the risk of data loss when windows needs to be re-installed (and the c: drive reformatted).

Additionally, changes can be made for security and to optimize the disk space use:

Move ‘My Documents’ to a dedicated Data partition (e.g. the D: drive)

to make this change, right click on the folder, select properties

in the Target tab, select Move

Move the ‘Temp’ folders to the D: drive

to make use of these folders, you must change the Environment Variables of the System Properties

create the directories first, then go to the control panel and open System

select Advanced of the System Properties and edit the environment variables:

in User variables:

Temp -> replace %USERPROFILE% by D:

TMP -> replace %USERPROFILE% by D:

in System variables:

Temp -> replace %SystemRoot% by D:

TMP -> replace %SystemRoot% by D:

Tuning the Windows environment – dedicated data partition
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