Alcatel SpeedTouch Home

The Alcatel SpeedTouch Home can be upgraded and used as a shared device.

SpeedTouch 500 series

The Thomson SpeedTouch 510 is a multi-user ADSL gateway with a built in firewall. Various configuration modes are possible.

Works fine with Windows XP and Vista Home Premium.

Before you proceed with upgrades, keep in mind these basic rules:

1 never change the configuration settings if your modem is working well,

2 before making any changes, make sure you have a backup of the original settings,

3 after making any configuration changes, check if your connection is still safe and no security holes exist to your LAN.


Upgrades of the  SpeedTouch Home, SpeedTouch 510, SpeedTouch 510v4 have been succesfully implemented in SoHo environments.

Various configuration modes are possible to configure the SpeedTouch in bridged or NAPT (Network Address & Port Translation) mode.

Note that for France you should configure the PPP connection with VPI 8 / VCI 35 !

Check out my SpeedTouch firmware posts.

SpeedTouch Links

  • Speedtouch 500 Series Firmware Releases can be downloaded at Speedtouch support.
  • Nubz AlcaTool is a configuration utility for Alcatel SpeedTouch Home and Pro series ADSL modems
  • The ST510 Firewall Configurator utility download.
  • An Expert password calculator can be found on-line.
SpeedTouch modems
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