Nero Burning ROM

IMAGE RECORDER – no CD-burner found

Typically, this error will occur with Nero Express, when the CD-burner type mismatches with the OEM version. To fix this, remove the version and replace it with the OEM version shipped with the installed CD-burner.

No access to the CD-ROM:

If users on your system have been defined with restricted rights (i.e. no Administration rights), Nero Burning ROM (version 5.x and beyond) may not find the CD-ROM to burn. To fix this, change with the Administrative Tools (note: you need to log in as Administrator first), the Local Security Policy setting:

Restrict CD-ROM access to locally logged-on users only.

Local policy setting:



ASPI Drivers to access the CD-ROM:

It must be said, Ahead is providing one of the best supported ASPI drivers for W2k and XP:

Search for the ‘wnaspi32.dll’

Alternatively, you may try Adaptec:

Adaptec Windows ASPI Package Support Options

Need to know more about ASPI drivers? Bart will tell you.

Nero Burning ROM
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