How to insert a file in an excel sheet

Open the excel sheet where you want to insert the file (in this example a word file) and choose the cel where you would like to place the icon to open the inserted file.

1) Select in the Excel Program Menu: ‘Insert

2) In the Insert pull down menu, select ‘Object

this will open a new window with two tabs: ‘Create New’ and ‘Create From File


3) Select ‘Create From File’

in this tab you can browse for the file that you want to insert


4) In the ‘Create From File’ window are two options ‘Link to File’ or ‘Display as icon

flag the option ‘Display as icon’ and leave ‘Link to File’ blank


5) Once the ‘Display as icon’ is enabled, you can select ‘Change Icon

the ‘Change Icon’ button will open a new window which allows you to change the icon and the text


6) Validate with OK and the file will be inserted in the excel sheet with an icon.

You can still move the icon in the worksheet. When you double click the icon, it will open the file.


MS Office – How to insert a file in an excel sheet
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