Microsoft Office 2001 is the revamped version of Microsoft Office 98 for MacOS.

Conflicts with the Preferences files and the Install cach files (error type 11)

If you have problems starting an MS-Office application, just remove the Microsoft Preferences in the Preferences (Voorkeuren) folder of your System Folder (or drag them to your desktop for backup). Reboot the system and start Word. A new Microsoft Preferences folder will be created in your Preferences (Voorkeuren) folder of your System Folder. Have your Serial number (or registration card) ready to re-enter.

Conflicts with Norton Anti-virus 5.0 and 6.x (here’s looking at you, Guy)

File Open and Save functions in Word, Excel and Powerpoint will lock your system if Norton Anti-Virus (NAV) is enabled on your system. The workaround is to either disable the NAV extension, which gives you no protection at all, or to disable the scan function in NAV for ‘application run’ and ‘file open’. The application will not lock your system if you open a file directly from a folder (i.e. without first launching the application).

Detailed information is available from Microsoft.

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