iTunes Audio protection removal

These steps explain how the iTunes Audio protection can be removed. Note that this should only be used for backup purposes only (in case Apple ID’s are lost) and copywrite laws should be respected. (Dutch version)


1. Adjust the import settings

The Protected AAC audio files are only @ 128kpbs. Hence, you should match your import settings accordingly.

2. Create a playlist with the songs that must be converted

Note that the total size of your playlist songs should not exceed the size of an audio cd. Create multiple playlists if necessary and repeat the steps 3 and 4 below for each playlist.


3. Burn the playlist on an Audio CD

Select the playlist and choose the ‘Burn playlist to Disc’. Make sure you have tagged the Audio CD option.

Once the songs have been burned on the CD, do not eject the CD.


4. Import the Audio CD

If you did not eject the CD, the songs of your playlist will be shown as the CD contents. Choose to import the songs. iTunes will import the songs according your import settings in step 1. At the end of the import process you can eject the disc and your files have been created without the DRM protection.

iTunes Audio protection removal
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