Is it safe?

No matter the OS platform you selected, a good Anti-Virus scanner is necessary when you connect to the Internet. This especially applies when you exchange information with attachments. Always keep the virus scanner up-to-date. It’s good practice to, at least once a week, check for virus definition updates ! Check my ‘Best of Breed Software‘ page for freeware anti-virus scanners.

Do not participate in the computer virus histeria, rather consult a security guru or an expert. Beware of a hoax, many people like you to panic and to forward unproductive and alarming messages. Before you spread the news first find out the truth and check sites like Hoax-Slayer. Although much safer than a PC, also MACs need protection.

Finally, if you have gone through these recommendations, you can check if all is safe with GRC’s Shields Up.

Check this post about security incident reporting.

Is it safe?
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