iMac Bondi

Oh yeah, this is when colour was brought into our grey computer life. This iMAC Bondy was cheering me up at work. The basic model was upgraded with an extra 64K RAM, a USB Zip drive. The USB devices (including an Epson Stylus 740 Colour printer) were connected through a macally USB four port hub. To play safe, the (extended) USB cable held a repeater.
iMac Bondi specifications

iMAC Bondi essentials
When to Install Available Updaters?
iMAC Firmware update 1.2 (Dutch)
iMAC Update 1.1 (Dutch)
iMAC CD Update 2.0 (Dutch)

MAC OS 8.6 support
This system will run fine with Mac OS 8.6. Make sure you run the ‘Drive setup‘ after each software upgrade. Also check if your ‘Mac OS ROM‘ is still up to date.
General comment:
Do not apply any patch or upgrade unless you experience the problems that are described by the vendors. Indeed, in some cases you only make life difficult. Follow the golden rule ‘do not touch it, when it works’.
Conflicts with USB extensions
symptom: this system was not able to boot and needed the PRAM to be cleared at each startup.
solution: disable the ‘USBSuperDiskDriver‘ and ‘USBSuperDiskUTDriver‘ extensions.


Netscape 6 support

This 233 Mhz system will not run smoothly with Netscape 6 and this is no surprise. Netscape has caught the ‘GatesWare’ disease and targets the new Mac processor market only. Minimum system requirements are PowerPC 604e 266 Mhz or faster or G3 with Mac OS 8.6 or later. It is a shame, Netscape abandons its loyal users of the early days. This means goodbye to Netscape on Mac.


iMac Bondi
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