REPLICATION & SYNCHRONISATION SETUP between a Laptop and a Desktop:

Create a ‘briefcase’ for those files that you want to keep synchronised with the File server or your Desktop.

‘Briefcase’ is a standard feature in Windows NT and XP. Copy the files from the lan drive or shared folder on your Desktop to the ‘briefcase’. Work off-line with the files and folders in the briefcase. Anytime you connect to the File server or Desktop, you can synchronise the files and folders in your briefcase.

Note that the briefcase will also work between ‘local’ drives. In particular, to synchronise files with an external disk.

The only drawback is system performance and file sharing restrictions with some applications.

Briefcase Plus is a Freeware that also does the job.

Read more about this feature at Microsoft and WinPlanet.

Read also the PCSTATS Beginners Guide: Synchronizing Files and Folders

How to use the briefcase feature on XP
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