FileZilla Server for windows removable drive support

To support several drives, including removable drives, you need to create an alias for every resource other than your homedirectory.


Here is how you can add directory aliases to Filezilla server:

1) Start the Filezilla server interface

click the user/group button on the menu bar, create a user/group if you don’t have one already.

2) Select Shared folders from the left panel, and select a user/group from the right panel

3) Right click one of the directories other than the home directory (denoted by a leading H) and choose Edit Aliases from the popup menu (see picture above – shared drive L:).

4) Enter the alias for the directory with a leading slash “/”. For example, /LaCie (for an USB attached drive)

5) Click OK to close Enter Directory Alias dialog and click OK on Users/Groups dialog to make the changes take effect.

Now shared drive ‘L:\ will be available as /LaCie for your ftp clients.

FileZilla Server – removable drive support
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