EnterNet 300 support

To instal the PPPoE client EnterNet300 with an Alcatel ADSL modem, you may follow these steps:

  1. Save your TCP/IP configuration settings
  2. Disable your Anti-virus scanner software
  3. Unprotect the ‘System’ and ‘Programmes’ folders (untag the boxes in your General settings)
  4. Instal the EnterNet client software and reboot your system
  5. Create a TCP/IP configuration for your PPPoE client

Connection (Verbind) via ‘EnterNet’

Configure (Configureer) ‘via PPP-server’

DNS (Naamserver-adres) ‘’

This setup should make your system happy.

Note that this client does not automatically setup the connection. The error ‘EnterNet is not configured to automatically make a connection.’ will pop up if you have not started the connection manually before accessing the Internet. It does support ‘idle time out’ to automatically disconnect. More information about the EnterNet client is published on the ‘ADSL’ pages.

EnterNet 300 support
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