ASUS Eee-PC 1015 PEM bios upgrade

Run the Windows ASUS Update for Eee PC tool.

Note that this is not the same as the bundled LiveUpdate tool.

First select ‘Check BIOS Information’

If you think the BIOS version is outdated, make first a backup by selecting ‘Save current BIOS to file’ – save your bios rom file to a usb key or or an external drive.

The easiest way to upgrade, is to select ‘Update BIOS from Internet’

Make sure you closed all programmes (except the update tool) and your netbook is powered (i.e. not on batteries).

Follow the instructions on the screen.

To enter the BIOS settings on the Eee-PC 1015 PEM, hold down the F2 key at boot.

Check your BIOS settings, as they may have been reset to default values.

ASUS Eee-PC 1015 PEM bios upgrade
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