A Windows 2000 Pro Clean (re-)Install description

Format the drive C: partition

Install the drive in a second pc (running windows NT or XP). Select the disk drive as `slave’ and format the bootable partition with NTFS support.

Re-install the drive and start Windows 2000 Pro setup from the CD-ROM. If the CD-ROM is not bootable, you may need a bootable floppy disk.

Setup of Windows 2000

Make sure all devices are connected and switched on. In particular, the USB devices.

Recovery of the D: partition

The folders and files stored on the D: partition have been tagged by your previous windows installation with properties and security rights. Since windows has been re-installed from scratch, the security settings have been lost. To grant access to these files, run the Administrative Tools in the Control Panel. In `Computer Management’, under `Storage’, `Disk Management’, the partitions should be listed. Check the Security in the properties. You will find old entries that you can remove. Grant all rights to the users you prefer (you must have administrator privileges, to perform this task). In the Advanced Access Control Settings you must also change the ownership of the files and folders to the administrator or administrators group. Note that some individual files may need a change of the security settings as well.

Install IPX/SPX

IPX/SPX is not installed by default. Use this protocol to share files and print services over your home LAN. Secure your files from the Internet and disable Netbios over IP in the TCP/IP protocol settings (Advanced options).

Workgroup name

If not selected during the installation, then rename the workgroup name. Make sure all your computers on the home LAN use the same name. To change this setting, run `System’ in the Control Panel, under `Network Identification’, go to the properties.

Setup of the users:

  • During setup of the operating system, you can setup an Administrator Account,
  • Use this account to install all software,
  • Install and configure all software and drivers before you setup other users,
  • Setup new users without Administration rights to protect the system against malicious Internet attacks,
  • Define the access rights for the users: shared directories and devices.

Nero Burning ROM

Read my notes on Admin rights for CD-ROM access.

USB connect

Plug & pray when you attach USB devices. To introduce a USB-hub, may require re-install of the device drivers.

Tuning the Windows environment – A Windows 2000 Pro Clean (re-)Install description
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