Need technical assistance? Need help with your PC, Internet, e-mail or telephone?

I am passionate about computers and the Internet. With more than two decades of activity in the computer world, I offer a vast experience covering systems, applications and networks. My broad knowledge of PCs and Macs is at your service.

Contact me, for a V.I.P. service, if any of the following applies to you:

PC behavior problems:

Is your PC getting slow; your  hard disk full? Are your files infected by a virus? Do you have programme or printer errors?

Telephone or Internet problems:

Is your telephone dead? Do you have Internet connection failures, is your wireless connection not working? Do you have electronic mail failures?

Security services:

Would you like to share files or printers? Do you need to protect, recover or convert your data?

Multi-media services:

Do you want to connect your pc to a TV? Do you want to share and play music and movies?

Technical advice:

You simply need some good advice from an independent source?


The best way to escape from a problem is to solve it!

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