Recommended Wine ‘n Dine in New Zealand

A team of four people stayed for three weeks in Hamilton, New Zealand. The team was composed of Sarah (Australia), Benny (Hong Kong), Alain (France) and Patrick (Belgium). During the stay in November 2005, they visited a number of restaurants for a meal, which could include an entrée, a main course, desert and wine. The team members gave a personal score for the quality of food served at diner. The results of the total scores are shown in the table below. `Tables on the River‘ was voted as best restaurant in Hamilton. It was quoted as `Superb‘ by Benny, `Awesome‘ by Alain, `Yummy‘ by Sarah and `Exquisite‘ by Patrick.
It appears that ‘Tables on the River’ is closed. Runner up was ‘Canvas‘ which seems still in business.

click here for a list of Hamilton restaurants and cafés
HAMILTON, New Zealand
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