usr5461The USR5461 802.11g Wireless MAXg broadband router is good value for money and works fine with Windows XP, Vista and 7. The print server is only supported for Windows PCs over the TCP/IP protocol (no Netbios nor IPX/SPX support).

The USR5461 Internet Sharing device offers:

  • an Internet sharing of DSL connections (cable or ADSL) through Network Address Translation (NAT),
  • a Firewall, with optional DMZ,
  • a DHCP Server for automatic IP Address alocation,
  • a Print Server over IP for an USB attached printer,
  • a 10/100 Base-T switch and 802.11g Wireless MAXg LAN connections.
  • Configuration management through a web interface. The default address of the USR5461 Router is (factory setting)
  • works well with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7

Latest (Oct 25 2006).

Instructions to use an USB attached printer are published on the US Robotics site.

US Robotics USR5461 802.11g Wireless MAXg Router