This streamer offers superb playback audio quality on hi-fi systems. Besides support of iTunes playlists, it performs very well for Internet radio streams. If you do not use iTunes playlists, it  will also playback FLAC.

This streamer works well as a network bridge between a wi-fi and wired network. (see the owner’s manual for instructions).

This streamer integrates well with synology’s Logitech Media Server.

iPAD users can use the SqueezePad app to remotely control the Logitec Media Server.

The Squeezebox Classic is a streamer with a Remote Control.

My Squeezebox is running Firmware 137

you need to setup an account to manage your Internet radio streams

Squeezebox Server is the software that you need to manage the music streams.

My server is running Version V7.7.2 – r33893

Squeezeslave is a lightweight Windows Player for the Squeezebox Server.

Load this programme to playback on a pc (typically on the pc where Squeezebox Server is running).

Control of the playback is through the browser interface of the Squeezebox Server:

This system works fine for me with iTunes 9, 10 and 12 installed on a Windows XP (SP3) system. The Squeezebox is connected to my wi-fi router and works as good wireless as wired.

Logitech Squeezebox™ Classic
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