The Philips ADSL modem/router Belgacom b-box is a multiservice router with a Wireless Access Point, offered by Belgacom. This modem/router is required to use the Belgacom TV services and to connect the TV decoder. If however, you have not subscribed to Belgacom TV services and you do not use a decoder, you can re-configure the router and use 4 lan ports, instead of 2. Check this post for the lay-out of the connections.

The default adress of the Access Point is (factory setting).

This modem supports the Voice-over-IP and Digital TV services.


Works fine with Windows XP, Vista Home Premium and Windows 7.

Supports the WPA wireless clients authentication and encryption methods:


see also Belgacom Help pages for Belgacom services

Philips – Belgacom b-box
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