Dane-Elec 500GB SO-Speaky HDMI

The So Speaky + HDMI is a multimedia hard disk player incorporating a 4 in 1 Card.

Technical Specifications:

Disk space: 500 Gb (FAT32)


Video :720 x 576 p PAL HDMI – 720 x 480 p NTSC HDMI, 1080i

Codecs : DivX 3,11 / 4.X / 5.X ; XviD ; MPEG 1 ; MPEG 2 ; MPEG 3

Container : MPG ; DAT ; VOB ; AVI ; MP4 ; DivX



Photo : JPEG

Easy menu but only supports FAT32.

Issues with FAT32 Format

FAT32 does not support files larger than 4Gb.

Formatting this drive with NTFS support will not work. You will be left just with an external drive but without access from the multimedia interface. It will not find any of the files on the drive.

If you did persist in the idea and formatted to NTFS, then you will need an extra tool to format back to FAT32. One of the tools that worked is SwissKnife, a freeware programme that only works on Windows XP (it did not work on Windows 7).

Dane-Elec 500GB SO-Speaky HDMI
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