CastleNet CBV38Z4EN

CastleNet CBV38Z4EN The CastleNet CBV38Z4EN is a cable router used by SFR (previously Numericable) in France to offer triple play services to domestic users. The modem specifications can be downloaded from the CastleNet website. Both data and voice services work seamlessly with

Webstar DPX2100 Modem login

Webstar DPX2100 Modem The Webstar DPX2100 Modem provides Internet access through a cable connection. The Webstar DPX2100 Modem includes an USB, RJ-45 and Wi-Fi connection. To control the Wi-Fi access, you can proceed as follows: – connect your pc to the modem

Netgear Wireless Access Point

The Netgear WPN802v2 is a powerful Wireless Access Point based on RangeMax Technology, supporting Centrino®, 802.11b, 802.11g and SuperG (108 Mbit/s). Works well in combination with the Thomson SpeedTouch 510 and Philips ADSL modem/router PSTN Blue/Brown and the Belgacom b-box/b-box2.