ACER Aspire 2920

ACER Aspire 2920

Installed Operating System:

Initially, this system comes with

Windows Vista Home Premium (SP2),

however, it was downgraded to

Windows XP
Professional Edition – Service  Pack 3

Good multi-media performance.
Cooling of the components is weak.

HP Pavilion dv9000 (HP Pavilion dv9253ea notebook PC)

dv9000 This expensive notebook hardly lasted two years and then broke down because of a manufacturing mistake: components on the motherboard are insufficiently isolated, get overheated and burn out.

Read the posts on the HP forum about this issue:

HP dv2000/6000/8000/9000/tx1000 Video Problems

DV9000 Video Chip Failure; LCD not working & system will not boot

HP Pavilion dv9000 (and others) Overheating Damage/ Motherboard Failure


Installed operating system:

This system was initially running

Windows Vista Home Premium (SP 2)

However, to make it more stable, it was downgraded to:

Windows XP
Professional Edition – Service  Pack 3
appropriate drivers can be downloaded form the HP support site
Note that in both environments it suffers of poor nvidia driver support.

Warning to all laptop users:

HP Laptops suck ! Don’t buy them.

Toshiba Satellite 1800-514

Computermodel: S1800-514
BIOS-versie: TOSHIBA Version 2.10
Celeron 1 GHz
128MB + 256MB

Installed Operating System:

Initially this system comes with Windows XP Home Edition, however, it was upgraded to

Windows XP
Professional Edition – Service  Pack 2
excellent price/quality value

Installed Devices:
USR5411 Wireless MAXg PC Card
ARCHOS ZIP MiniDrive Plus
Archos Zip Drive
100 MB – 3.3 MBps