A sound mind in a sound body.

I like ball sports. Football, tennis, padel and golf are the games I like to play.

Royal La Rasante is the club where I spend most of my time. Having being part of the member’s committee , you can address me your remarks or questions that you may have, as a member of La Rasante of course.

During winter time, TC Heiveld, near Mechelen, is the place to be. Good accomodation and not too crowded. Mechelen being half-way between Brussels and Antwerp is a convenient location to challenge my friends.

Closer at home, the Royal Wolu Tennis Club (La Rotonde), is available for indoor tennis.

Now and then, I may be playing AFT tournaments to boost my ranking.

Padel is not well known in Belgium. However, Europadel is a club that organizes regular Padel events in Waterloo Tennis club. I am promoting Padel in Brussels and hope more courts will become available in the near future. Do not hesitate to contact me, if you are looking for a club to play Padel in or around Brussels.


When it comes to football, I support K.V. Mechelen, a.k.a. Malinwa. K.V. Mechelen founded in 1904, won the UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup and the European Super Cup in 1988. It is a modest team but with the best fans of the league. The home games are enternaining for young and old.

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Wednesday, January 5th, 2011
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