iMac Bondi

imaciMac Bondi

Oh yeah, this is when colour was brought into our grey computer life. This iMAC Bondy was cheering me up at work. The basic model was upgraded with an extra 64K RAM, a USB Zip drive. The USB devices (including an Epson Stylus 740 Colour printer) were connected through a macally USB four port hub. To play safe, the (extended) USB cable held a repeater.
iMac Bondi specifications

iMAC Bondi essentials
When to Install Available Updaters?
iMAC Firmware update 1.2 (Dutch)
iMAC Update 1.1 (Dutch)
iMAC CD Update 2.0 (Dutch)

MAC OS 8.6 support
This system will run fine with Mac OS 8.6. Make sure you run the ‘Drive setup‘ after each software upgrade. Also check if your ‘Mac OS ROM‘ is still up to date.
General comment:
Do not apply any patch or upgrade unless you experience the problems that are described by the vendors. Indeed, in some cases you only make life difficult. Follow the golden rule ‘do not touch it, when it works’.
Conflicts with USB extensions
symptom: this system was not able to boot and needed the PRAM to be cleared at each startup.
solution: disable the ‘USBSuperDiskDriver‘ and ‘USBSuperDiskUTDriver‘ extensions.


Netscape 6 support

This 233 Mhz system will not run smoothly with Netscape 6 and this is no surprise. Netscape has caught the ‘GatesWare’ disease and targets the new Mac processor market only. Minimum system requirements are PowerPC 604e 266 Mhz or faster or G3 with Mac OS 8.6 or later. It is a shame, Netscape abandons its loyal users of the early days. This means goodbye to Netscape on Mac.


EnterNet 300 support

EnterNet 300 support

To instal the PPPoE client EnterNet300 with an Alcatel ADSL modem, you may follow these steps:

  1. Save your TCP/IP configuration settings
  2. Disable your Anti-virus scanner software
  3. Unprotect the ‘System’ and ‘Programmes’ folders (untag the boxes in your General settings)
  4. Instal the EnterNet client software and reboot your system
  5. Create a TCP/IP configuration for your PPPoE client

Connection (Verbind) via ‘EnterNet’

Configure (Configureer) ‘via PPP-server’

DNS (Naamserver-adres) ‘’

This setup should make your system happy.

Note that this client does not automatically setup the connection. The error ‘EnterNet is not configured to automatically make a connection.’ will pop up if you have not started the connection manually before accessing the Internet. It does support ‘idle time out’ to automatically disconnect. More information about the EnterNet client is published on the ‘ADSL’ pages.

Mac OS – Office:mac 2001 support

Microsoft Office 2001 is the revamped version of Microsoft Office 98 for MacOS.

Conflicts with the Preferences files and the Install cach files (error type 11)

If you have problems starting an MS-Office application, just remove the Microsoft Preferences in the Preferences (Voorkeuren) folder of your System Folder (or drag them to your desktop for backup). Reboot the system and start Word. A new Microsoft Preferences folder will be created in your Preferences (Voorkeuren) folder of your System Folder. Have your Serial number (or registration card) ready to re-enter.

Conflicts with Norton Anti-virus 5.0 and 6.x (here’s looking at you, Guy)

File Open and Save functions in Word, Excel and Powerpoint will lock your system if Norton Anti-Virus (NAV) is enabled on your system. The workaround is to either disable the NAV extension, which gives you no protection at all, or to disable the scan function in NAV for ‘application run’ and ‘file open’. The application will not lock your system if you open a file directly from a folder (i.e. without first launching the application).

Detailed information is available from Microsoft.

Check out the following articles and sites for official documentation and software:

Mac OS – StuffItt Deluxe support

What WinZip offers to Windoowzz users, StuffItt does for MacOs users. If you started with StuffIt Deluxe 5.0 ,originally from Aladdin Systems, you can upgrade it. A free upgrade to 5.1.5 is available to registered users (have your serial# ready to instal). DropStuff and Expander version 6.0.x is available for PowerPC systems or higher. These upgrades are highly recommended if you experience problems with recently compressed files. They will coexist with your Stuffit Deluxe 5.1.5.

Mac OS – Virtual PC 2.0 support

Virtual PC 2.0 support

Can’t live without Windoowzzz applications? Virtual PC will turn your Mac into a bogus PC. Note that Connectix Virtual PC 2.1.1 and earlier versions are not compatible with Mac OS 8.6 nor with 9.0.

If you started with Virtual PC 1.0 Windows95 and bought a registered 2.0 upgrade, you may follow these steps to upgrade:

Part 1: Install Virtual PC 1.0

1. Disable your Anti-virus scanner software

2. Install Virtual PC 1.0 from the CD-ROM

select ‘Custom Install’ for a 260 Mb or 150 Mb Disk Image

3. First time run of Virtual PC

enter your Serial Number

note: at this point Virtual PC may hang your system; just reboot and continue

in Windows95 enter your Windows OEM Serial Number

4. Install Virtual PC 1.0.1 Update (VPC101U.sit)

5. Run the Hard Drive Expander Updater (HDEU.sit)

Part 2: Install Virtual PC 2.0 upgrades

6. Install Virtual PC 2.0 upgrade from the CD-ROM

enter your name (it may be scrambled)

7. Install the Virtual PC 2.1.1 Update (VPC211U_sit.hqx)

note: you may also skip these updates and proceed to step 10

8. Install the Virtual PC 2.1.2 Update (VPC212U_sit.hqx)

9. Install the Virtual PC 2.1.3 Update (VPC213U_sit.hqx)

The update files are no longer available on the Internet. I made a personal repository of the files.

Part 3: Install Virtual PC 2.0 Additions and customize your settings

10. Mount the ‘Extra’s 2.0’ PC Disk to install the Virtual PC 2.0 Additions

note: these additions are necessary to share folders and to install the correct display drivers!

11. Run the updater in Windows95 (Virtual PC must be loaded)

you can drag and drop the updater file (VPC20ADD.EXE) to the Windows desktop

note: if this does not work mount the Windows disk image and the Extra’s disk image then copy the updater file to the Windows disk image

12. Start Virtual PC again

change the regional settings (keyboard, language, etc.) if appropriate

have a Windows95 master copy CD-ROM available for the drivers!

This should make your system happy. If it does not, you handled it badly and the poor thing is taking revenge.

Mac OS – Microsoft Office 98 support

Installing Office 98 on the MAC is easy as (Apple) pie. After dragging the folders to your hard disk, the programs starts a first run installation when you open an Office programme. If this process aborts with a disk error code, update your drive setup.

Run ‘Drive Setup 1.7.3’

select: Update Driver

reboot your system

Additional dictionaries and spell checkers need to be installed manually (Value Pack option). An installer for the Value Pack offers you a selection list.

Check the Microsoft web site (download area) for the latest updates. The Microsoft Office Manager (aka MOM) is available for download and can be easily added.